Transit Integration Project

At the November 17, 2014 City Council meeting, the Transit Integration Project's proposed service change scenarios were approved for implementation. Over the course of 2015, there will be outreach and education activities aimed at current and potential riders about these changes.  A phased approach of implementing new service will begin in the fall of 2015 and continue through 2016.  The details of the initial recommendations can be found in this memo. As the timeline and service details are finalized, these web pages will be updated as more information becomes available.




The Project and What's Proposed

Within the Wilsonville to Portland I-5 corridor, SMART is assessing different ways to provide its customers with the best possible services given the resources available. SMART is conducting the I-5 Corridor Transit Integration Project to identify and assess potential strategies to improve services within the corridor. A recently completed Needs Assessment identifies potential strategies to:
  • Integrate fixed-route services for commuters and door-to-door services for the elderly and individuals with a disability
  • Modify existing Route 2X service, potentially extending it further north to a location closer to downtown Portland or terminating it closer to Wilsonville but with improved connections to TriMet services and/or frequency

Today, SMART uses about 1/3 of its operating budget annually to provide “out-of-district” services. This includes services for commuters to and from Portland and direct door-to-door services for seniors and persons with disabilities (limited to medical trips only outside Wilsonville).

Wilsonville’s population is both growing rapidly and aging. SMART needs to ensure that its available transit services are responsive to these changes. It also needs to know that the existing system is efficient, effective, and adaptable to change. The Transit Integration Project is proposing strategies to improve efficiencies and respond to future transit needs.

Purpose of the Online Open House

Before proceeding with a detailed analysis of how proposed integration actions might be implemented and financed, SMART is seeking input on the proposals and other potential options that it should consider. This online open house provides interested citizens with:

  • Summary of the study’s findings
  • Results of the evaluation of potential strategies
  • Opportunities to comment on the proposed integration strategies