Existing Services

SMART currently provides both scheduled, fixed-route and demand-responsive service within Wilsonville, as well as scheduled service between Wilsonville and Canby, Salem, and Portland. SMART’s Route 2X provides services to/from SMART Central at Wilsonville Station to the Barbur Transit Center in Southwest Portland. SMART also provides seniors and persons with disabilities with door-to-door service for medical trips outside of Wilsonville.

Fixed-Route System
SMART currently operates four local and three intercity fixed routes that provide connections throughout the region. In addition, two limited service routes were recently added to serve later evening employee commuting and students attending evening classes in Wilsonville. SMART serves an 80 square mile service area, but regional connections extend out of the core service area. All SMART routes radiate out from SMART Central at Wilsonville Station. The transit center was opened in 2009 and serves SMART buses, TriMet Westside Express Service (WES) trains, and Salem-Keizer Transit (SKT) Cherriots buses. SMART Central includes a 400-car park-and-ride lot and 48 bicycle lockers.

The SMART system operates mainly on weekdays, except routes 2X and 4 which also run on Saturdays, offering shortened trips. Hours of operation vary by route. Service generally starts between 5 and 6:30 a.m. and ends between 5:45 and 9 p.m. For further details on routes, download the Local Transit in Wilsonville and Regional Transit Service maps.

The Origins and Destinations of Route 2X Riders map illustrates existing travel patterns of Route 2X riders. About 28% of trips on Route 2X are to/from locations in Portland, 27% of trips are entirely within Wilsonville, and about 25% of trips use TriMet Line 76 for travel destinations along the Highway 217 corridor. Other major destinations include Salem (8%) and other locations in the region.

At present, most transit riders traveling between Wilsonville and downtown Portland use one or more of the transit travel options shown below. As highlighted in the chart, TriMet’s Westside Express Service (WES) provides the fastest service between SMART Central and downtown Portland, but is limited in its hours and days of operation. Route 2X provides the most direct service to/from other destinations in Wilsonville. Two planning processes currently underway - Metro’s Southwest Corridor Plan and TriMet’s Southwest Service Enhancement Plan offer the potential for increased transit ridership through new transit connections.

Dial-a-Ride (Demand Responsive) System
In addition to fixed-route services, SMART operates door-to-door Dial-a-Ride (DAR) services for Wilsonville residents within the city and for medical trips outside of Wilsonville. DAR service is available to the general public but preference is given to those qualifying for complementary paratransit service under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). As shown in the map, major medical Dial-A-Ride destinations include Legacy Meridian Park and Tualatin Dialysis (2 miles south of Tualatin Park and Ride Station), Providence Bridgeport (0.3 miles south of Tualatin Park and Ride Station), Oregon Health Sciences University and Veterans Administration Hospital via South Waterfront, and Providence Sherwood.

SMART also operates a one-day per week door-to-door shopper shuttle service on Thursdays for seniors and supportive housing residents. Pre-scheduled, door-to-door service to Wilsonville Community Center for senior lunches is also provided.

Despite a decline last year, fixed-route ridership has been steadily increasing over the past few years. Route 2X ridership increased 5% in the past year. ADA-ridership also increased 5% last year, while general public DAR decreased by 15%. A growing demand in ADA services is reducing the capacity for general public DAR. High growth is expected in trips to dialysis centers. Medical trips are currently at capacity due to limited funding.
(See chapter three of the Needs Assessment Report for more information on existing services.)