What's Proposed - Out-of-Town Medical Shuttle

Why is SMART Proposing a new out-of-town medical shuttle?

In 2012, SMART provided over 15,000 demand responsive (dial-a-ride) trips. Of these, the largest share (55%) were trips by persons with disabilities. Over a quarter of all trips were out-of-town medical rides. In terms of operating costs, a fixed-route trip costs SMART an average of $7 per rider. A non-medical dial-a-ride trip costs SMART nearly $39; a medical dial-a-ride trip costs approximately $45 per trip.

SMART receives grant funding to operate one van outside of Wilsonville for medical trips. Grant restrictions limit these trips to medical destinations. While demand for medical trips outside of Wilsonville is growing, the number of trips provided has remained constant, indicating that many trip needs are going unmet. Almost half of out-of-town medical service trips are to destinations clustered in the Tualatin area, with another 20% within 5 miles of Tualatin. 

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As Willsonville's population ages, the demand for medical trips is expected to increase, while the resources available for providing medical trips may remain fixed. The combination of limited funding, increasing costs and increasing demand requires SMART to prioritize access to door-to-door, on-demand services for persons with disabilities and to deny some trip requests for the general public and for medical trips outside of the city. SMART would like to maintain its out-of-district services and this project focuses on how efficiencies can be created by integrating fixed-route and demand-responsive services. While the service may function differently, the goal is to provide more options.

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How would the medical shuttle work?

A new medical shuttle service is proposed to replace the current dial-a-ride service for medical trips outside of Wilsonville. The shuttle would make scheduled stops at a couple of locations in Wilsonville and at popular medical facilities in the Tualatin area that make up the majority of current out-of-town medical service destinations. It is anticipated that the shuttle would operate 5 days per week, with the specific days to be determined. SMART local buses or in-city dial-a-ride would remain available to provide connections to in-town destinations. Additionally, time would be built into the schedule to allow for a limited number of stops at medical facilities not on the schedule or to home locations in Wilsonville.

No changes in eligibility or cost for out-of-town medical service are proposed.

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