Free Bike Lockers

There are 48 bicycle lockers located at SMART Central at Wilsonville Station. 

To claim a locker:
  1. Complete the online agreement form
  2. Provide a photo copy of your current ID, upload to the form, or by fax at 503-685-9180 or email
  3. City staff will unlock your assigned locker
Lockers provide enough space for your bike, helmet, saddle bags, and air pump. You also get the benefit to enjoy a dry bike at the end of a rainy day, and it keeps the birds off, too.

If you would like more information or have questions about the form please, email the above address or call 503-682-7790, ext. 1489.
Bike Lockers
Having your bike stolen is a terribly aggravating and upsetting experience that we do NOT want you to have to go through. So please listen to us when we tell you to always lock your bike! Even if your bike is on your property (i.e. front porch, backyard), or if you will only be away from it for a minute, always, always lock your bike. Try and lock it somewhere well lit and well trafficked and make sure you know how to lock up your bike properly to ensure optimum security.

Register your bike with Portland-based Project 529 to capture photos of your bike and its serial number so law enforcement can help your recover your bike if, in the unfortunate situation, it is ever stolen. Most bicyclists don’t record their serial number. However, law enforcement can’t do much without a serial number, so keep track of it.