How to Use Your Pedometer

  1. Pull the clear tab on the back to activate the battery.
  2. Press the reset button to clear the display to zero.
  3. The pedometer should be attached to the front of your waistband or belt, straight above your knee. Improper positioning of the pedometer may result in incorrect step counts. The pedometer works by registering the motion of each step. If you hold it near your ear and shake it, you will hear something moving around inside. It’s not broken, you’re just hearing the pedometer spring mechanism doing its job.
  4. The pedometer registers approximately 2,000 steps for every mile you walk. If you have a long stride, you may register fewer steps in a mile. If you have a shorter stride, you may register more. Since we’re only looking at individual progress and we’re not competing against each other, there is no real reason to measure your stride. However, if you’re interested in knowing how many steps you get per mile, test it out on a known distance such as a track.
For further information, refer to the Pedometer Tips Sheet.