What's Proposed - 2X Options

Why is SMART proposing changes in Route 2X service?

Route 2X currently provides local service in Wilsonville (about 27% of passenger trips originate and terminate within the City of Wilsonville) and out-of-town service to Tualatin Park & Ride and Barbur Transit Center. Other passengers use Route 2X to transfer to SMART’s Salem and Canby routes. About a third of passenger trips are to/from the Portland area

Despite a decline in overall ridership last year, fixed-route ridership has been steadily increasing, with Route 2X ridership increasing by 5% in the past year. Route 2X currently provides local service in Wilsonville (about 30% of trips originate and terminate within the City) and out-of-town service to Tualatin Park & Ride and Barbur Transit Center. Current Route 2X “productivity” is about half of the average for SMART fixed-route service overall (5.0 riders per hour of service versus 9.8 riders per hour). Frequency of service, level of fares relative to TriMet, and location/timing of transit connections are the primary limiting factors in use of SMART Route 2X.

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What is being proposed?

Two potential options for extending 2X service to Portland are being considered. Both options would continue to serve the Tualatin Park & Ride but bypass the Barbur Transit Center. The goal of both options is to better serve commuters between Wilsonville and Portland, improve connections to TriMet services, and provide additional opportunities for accessing out-of-town medical services:

  • Option 1: Direct Route 2X All-Day Service.  In this option, SMART would extend its current Route 2X service from the Tualatin Park & Ride to either downtown Portland or the South Waterfront area with operating hours and frequency similar to current Route 2X service. With an extension to downtown Portland, Route 2X could terminate close to PSU near the Transit Mall (access to TriMet buses, MAX light rail, and Streetcar). Alternatively, the extended route could terminate in the South Waterfront, providing access to the aerial tram (to OHSU), existing Streetcar and future Streetcar Loop (to OMSI and Lloyd Center), future MAX Orange Line lite rail, and TriMet buses. This option would eliminate the need to transfer betwen SMART and TriMet routes in order to access Portland. Combined with bypassing the Barbur Transit Center, this service would be expected to reduce the comute time between Wilsonville and Portland.

  • Option 2: Route 2X/TriMet Line 96 Integration. In this option, SMART would continue to connect Route 2X to TriMet Line 96 at the Tualatin Park & Ride during peak hours but extend its Route 2X service into Portland during the mid-day when Line 96 is not operating.  This option avoids service duplication and saves resources that SMART can use to enhance other services.

During AM/PM Peak Hours, Route 2X would terminate at Tualatin Park & Ride when Line 96 operates (about 5:30-9:30 AM and 3-8 PM). Line 96 would serve downtown Portland, with connections to TriMet buses, MAX light rail, and Streetcar.

During the Midday, Route 2X would be extended to downtown Portland (about 9:30 AM – 3PM). It would follow a similar route to Line 96, with possible travel through the South Waterfront. This mid-day service would be expected to be especially helpful to swing shift workers when Line 96 is not operating and for those wanting to access medical appointments in the downtown Portland area.

The total one-way fare to Portland would be $3 for either option. In Option 1, SMART would receive the fare. In Option 2, the Route 2X fare would be reduced to 50 cents. With a TriMet fare of $2.50, the total fare would be $3.00.

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