Riding Basics

Easy Steps for Riding the Bus
  1. After determining your route and departure time, be at the nearest bus stop at least five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. Bus stops are located every two to three blocks.
  2. As the bus comes down the street, check the destination sign to make sure it is the route number and destination you want. Signal the bus driver with a wave of your hand to indicate you want to board.
  3. Climb aboard and let the driver know where you would like to get off.
  4. If you will be transferring to another SMART or TriMet bus, let your driver know and they will make your connection as smooth as possible.
  5. One block from your stop, pull the cord above the window or push the bell strip, or just tell the driver where you need to get off.
  6. Check to make sure you haven't left anything behind, then exit.