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  1. ADA Application Form- PDF
  2. Cancel a Ride
  3. Schedule a Ride

    Dial-a-Ride customers 60+ may reserve trips up to 2 days in advance. Dial-a-Ride Out of Town customers may reserve a trip u to 2... More…

  1. ADA Application form- online fillable

    For passengers who are applying to become ADA certified. All other general passengers see the General Public application.

  2. General Public 60+ Dial-a-Ride Application

    Non ADA Customers

Emergency Ride Home Business Registration

  1. Emergency Ride Home Business Registration Form

    Wilsonville businesses register with SMART to give their employees access to the program by satisfying three (3) out of the ten (10)... More…

General Forms

  1. New Transit Website Survey

    Give us your feedback about the new website.